Private label sauce manufacturer

Alimentos Kamuk is a private label co-packer and exporter of hot and specialty sauces from Costa Rica.

It all starts with an idea, your idea!

you imagine, We produce

A little bit more about our specialty…


We grow our own peppers locally!

We export to over 15
around the world

Let's make your recipe come to life!

Why us

Our own satisfied clients are the best reason for choosing Kamuk! We manufacture sauces for dozens of prestigious companies all over the world on a daily basis. They have become accustomed to Kamuk’s:

Excellent quality

Abundance and variety of natural ingredients

Reliable delivery dates

Competitive prices

Oversight of peppers from seed to processing

Knowledgeable personnel in agriculture, manufacturing and exports

Excellent reputation with first class customers

Good stock of top quality peppers

Expertise to develop or duplicate hot sauces and other products upon request

Expertise to develop or duplicate hot sauces and other products upon request


We have great news!

Hi there! We are happy to announce our renewed website.

Here you will find all you need to know about us and, available products and fresh peppers.

If you are one of our current clients, go to sign in to check the available tools we have designed for you

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Did you know you can create your own Wing Sauce in Kamuk?

Looking for the perfect wing sauce? You can design it yourself.

Choose from all our fresh pepper varieties and spices to create the perfect mix. You can also choose the heat level you desire, from mild to super hot.

Bringing your wing sauces ideas to life!

Check this success story from one of our customers: Blue Marble Brands

As consumers continue to seek out additional avenues for layering flavor into their culinary creations, Blue Marble Woodstock® introduced to the US market a new line of Bold Hot Sauces created by Kamuk.

This sauces range from 1,790 to 57,000 Scoville units, are Non-GMO Project Verified®, and contain no added sugars. 

Source: United Natural Foods, Inc.